Swati Kaushal’s Chicklit “Piece Of Cake”

The “Piece of Cake” was another chicklit that I read and liked. It is not a great story or piece of literature but a great time pass reading. Once again, I was drawn towards this book looking for contemporary English writing and the synopsis of the book sounded very interesting and I was not disappointed and I went back to read another book from her as well.

The story is about hyperactive MBA girl Minal who wants everything in life. She wants a great career, a lifestyle to match and a cool guy as husband. The plot is about how she struggles in her career and the choices of suitors and how her marketing project fails for which she is forced to take a blame and then a demotion to small time sales job. Eventually, she turns back that job into a success and also finds out the real person behind her project failure.

There were parts in the book where I laughed but there were also parts that I wanted to skip over. But still it was an interesting book to read. I do not know how true it is but I read about corporate rivalry to get ahead on the marketing ideas and preempting launching of your competitor’s products. There were some interesting things about sales jobs and dealing with sales persons who go out on the road to make sales.

For me it is about reading the thoughts of people who are same age as mine and have the same sensibilities with some exaggerations. The book may not be accurate in its description or great in language but it is a good time pass.


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