Richard Bach’s “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”

I have been putting off writing on any book by Richard Bach because it is so difficult to write anything on his books. Most of his work deal with metaphors related to flying and tough to understand. At the same time, I have enjoyed his writings. Even now I am in middle of reading “Curious Lives” by the same author but that story I will write some other time. The first book I read from Richard Bach was “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”. I had heard a lot about this book but I had no idea what it is about. The book came as a shock and surprise to me when I first read it as story and very frankly it did not make sense to me as a story. Only much later when I had got used to his writing style, I could comprehend some of his thoughts.

This story is about a seagull named Jonathan Livingstone who is learning about life and flight. When this seagull starts to push himself to limits of flying and refuses to confirm to norms of his flock, he is expelled but then he finds other seagulls and he learns more about flying and life from them thus reaching higher and higher plane and pushing himself to perfection.

The book itself is very simple and small in size. I finished reading it in one sitting. But the message is very strong. It is one of those early self-help books which has motivated millions of readers through the decades. The idea of striving for perfection and also believing that one can and is ready for perfection is the bottom line of this story and is described through the story of seagull. The interesting part is that he has not tried to explain anything or draw parallel with human life. He has just written a story of seagull and left it to the imagination of readers how they wish to learn from it.



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  2. Very interesting book. Can be read any number of times. And nice review.


  3. Concise and written well, thanks much for the info


  4. Hello this is amazing site! really cool and it will be a new inspirations for me


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