M. M. Kaye’s “Shadow Of The Moon”

After “The Far Pavillions” from M. M. Kaye, I had read some of her other mystery novels primarily related to murders in African countries. I was searching for “Shadow of the Moon” for a long time but did not find it anywhere. Finally I was able to read it last year. The theme of this book and “The Far Pavillions” is similar in many aspects but it does not bind you as much as the story of Ashton and Princess Juli.

This is a story set during Indian War of Independence of 1857 from British-Raj. Captain Alex Randall is escorting Winter de Ballesteros from England to India as she is set to marry his boss but he ends up falling in love with her. How their love prospers in the backdrop of Indian revolt and war and how they manage to escape alive and eventually find their true love is the story of “Shadow of the Moon”.

As usual, Kaye has portrayed her characters very well and she is able to show the sensitivity of situation during that time. Britishers were ruling India and at personal level they had very good relationship with Indians but at the same time, there was tension as is bound to happen between rulers and ruled. Finally, that tension erupted into full war and changed the relationship completely. For “Winter” who was born in India and who considered India to be her homeland, this was very difficult to digest.

The story does tend to get stretched and boring at times but still it is a great book to read. It tells you a lot about the clash of cultures that happened in India at that time.



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6 responses to “M. M. Kaye’s “Shadow Of The Moon”

  1. I’ve been in love with this book since I lived in India. I don’t know what it is about the characters, but I was in love with them from the very first second.


  2. Alice Kennison

    I just finished reading this book–again. It never fails to enthrall me. If you are a lover of history and a romantic, this book is the perfect combination. I have read it several times and know all of the events that will happen, but I have never been bored by it. It is a fascinating look inside another world and another time, by someone who actually lived it. A wonderful epic.


    • pkg

      Yes, Kaye has the capacity to take you back in time as if you are living those moments in history yourself. Have you read other book “A Far Pavillions” as well?


    • Claire M

      I love Shadow of the Moon. In fact I adore all M M Kaye books particularly her 3 part autobiography ‘ Sun in the Morning’, ‘Golden Afternoon’ and ‘Enchanted Evening’. Her writing never fails to transport me to India.


      • pkg

        I have not read her autobiographies yet. I should check them out. One word of caution. She writes about India’s past and India has changed a lot since her times.


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