Dominique Lapierre And Larry Collins “O Jerusalem”

This has been one of my favorite books due to multiple reasons. It is written very well but more importantly this book opened my eyes towards the Arab-Israel conflict for the first time. My understanding of the whole situation was very little and consisted of some news about Israel and Yaseer Arafat and lot of bombings at that time. This book gave me some background and enough information on the conflict for me to appreciate the enormity of the situation and plight of people through hundreds of generations.

The book is based on very detailed research and interviews done by authors Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins and represents un-biased view of the events that led to the creation of the state of Israel. The struggle for creation of Jewish state did not start in 1948. It actually started much earlier when Jews started migrating to British occupied Ottoman Empire which consisted of Palestine and Jordan. Jews were few in number but bounded by a common thread looking for their own homeland and had very good and strong leaders amongst them. Arabs on the other hand were large in number but divided without a central leadership that could drive them.

The book describes very well, how the superior intelligence gathering and leadership of Jews and lot of help from their friendly countries helped them in their fight for the state of Israel. Even though United Nations had passed the resolution for state of creation of Israel and division of Palestine, there were many unsaid things including the issue of Jerusalem which is holy city for Jews, Arabs as well as Christians. In the end the state had to be won and Jews did win in some cases and have managed to create their nation for past 50 years but the conflict still goes on.

I have read more on the subject in other books but this book has been most authentic and un-biased till date.



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2 responses to “Dominique Lapierre And Larry Collins “O Jerusalem”

  1. Satheesh

    Some conflicts are eternal – like the one over Jerusalem. What an irony that the holiest place for 3 religions is also one of the most dangerous.


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