“The Hunt For Red October” By Tom Clancy

After I hooked on to books by Tom Clancy, I wanted to go back and start from the first one and “The Hunt For Red October” is the first book in that series. It is one of the best thrillers I have read which also teaches you lot of stuff. The author’s ability to get into details while maintaining the plot is amazing.

This book is about a new type of Russian Submarine, whose captain Marco Ramius decides to defect to United States along with his soldiers and the vessel. He does it in style by actually declaring it in a letter which reaches the authorities after he leaves with the ship and is in international waters. The Soviets launch a massive hunt to capture the vessel and captain. On the other hand Jack Ryan who is a CIA analyst works on this case and is able to understand the intent of Russian captain and helps him to get to United States.

This book was a real piece of information on Submarines and their warfare strategies. I had read about them before but never in so much detail. I had heard about Sonar as well but did not know what all technology is used in making a submarine silent and how it is detected through Sonar.

I had read about character of “Jack Ryan” from the “Executive Orders” that I had read first and this books starts his role in Tom Clancy’s novels from the beginning. Later on I watched the movie as well which was very well made despite the difficult topic. Even though I liked Jack Ryan much more than Marco Ramius in the book; In the movie it is Sean Connery as Marco who scores above everybody else.


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2 responses to ““The Hunt For Red October” By Tom Clancy

  1. Nice review — I haven’t red Hunt for Red October in many, many years, but enjoyed reminiscing about it while reading your post.


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