The Story of Ram and Ravan

I was wondering whether to include stories from Indian mythology and religion here or not but my writings will not be complete if I do not do so. These stories have had very profound impact on me from childhood. But I would want to write about them here as stories without considering them as acts performed by the God.

The story of Ram and Ravan is something that I have heard, read and watched right from my childhood. The story is depicted as fight between good and evil and how in the end it is always the victory of good over evil. The other characters of the story are very natural and have their own strengths and weaknesses whether it is Ram’s father Dashrath or his friend monkey king Sugriv. All of them have made mistakes in the past and the story goes on to show that they pay for their mistakes in the same life.

It is the character of Ram and Ravan that influences the most. Ram is shown as the image of goodness, obedient child, very good student, dutiful husband and a great fighter. He cannot do anything wrong, does not have any weakness, does not have deceit or corruption in thought or actions. On the other hand, Ravan is shown the opposite. He is also very intelligent and powerful but he has anger and arrogance and believes that nobody can defeat him. Power goes to his mind and corrupts him completely.

The characterization of good and bad is so distinct that it sometimes look unreal. Ram gets all friends and Ravan keeps on loosing them. In the end Ram defeats Ravan in the battle with the help of his friends and restores peace in his kingdom. The story to me is an extremely moralistic one when you want to tell your children about good and evil and teach them all the good things in life. Ram is everything to aspire for and Ravan is everything to run away from. But at the same time life of Ram is not easy. To be a Ram you should be ready to let go of everything, you will suffer a lot but in the end you will win.


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