My Favourite Character In Harry Potter Books

I have never given this topic a thought that who would be my favourite character in Harry Potter books besides Harry himself. Let me see what will be the result by the end of this post. I am excluding Harry here because he seems to be the favourite by default and it would be difficult to compare and select somebody else if he is also in the competition.

Ron and Hermione are the obvious choices but I have not liked character of Ron much. He is a good friend but he has his own quirks and moods. Hermione also is a good friend of Harry but she is portrayed as too self-assured and bookish though the character develops into much more mature person in later books. Hagrid is probably most lovable of the characters but then he seems to be goofing up all the time. Dumbledore is another choice but somehow he is shown above all throughout the book except for the last one where we get to know about his past.

Then there are second level of Harry’s friends like Neville, Luna, Weasely brothers, Ginny, Lupin, Sirius and many others. All of them are shown as really good friends of Harry. I think I have liked Neville’s character more than anybody else. Somebody who grows from being a scared, shy person to a very strong character by the end of the story.

There are dark characters as well who go between being bad and good through the story like Snape, Draco, Peter and few others. I normally do not like these dark characters but in the end it is the Snape that impresses me most. He is one of the most misunderstood character who gave everything for the love of his life. His character really shows what remorse can do to a bad person.

In the end I think I will go with Dobby and Kreacher as the favourite characters in the book, specifically Kreacher after his transformation where he starts liking Harry. Please do share who has been your favourite character from Harry Potter series.


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8 responses to “My Favourite Character In Harry Potter Books

  1. blanca

    I would say dobby. Dobby was cute, funny and who wouldn’t want to have someone like dobby around. I also like Hermione and how she fell for Ron.


  2. Dobby is indeed awesome, as are Fred and George, but my blog is called “Love The Bad Guy”, and the Harry Potter books were no exception.

    So, as you may have guessed, I love Tom Riddle Jr. aka. VOLDEMORT! 😀


  3. Anonymous

    My favorite characters have been Hermione and Weasely brothers.
    Hermione for her true spirit of friendship and intellect and Weasely brothers for their magical innovations.


  4. I actually find Harry really irritating at times. The Weasley twins and Kreacher were my favourites by far.


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