Started But Not Finished…. Whether I Will Return To Them Or Not

I like buying and collecting bookmarks and I have many of them with me. But whenever I start reading a new book, I find it difficult to locate one. Where do all my bookmarks go? Well, they are where they should be; that is inside books. These are the books that I started reading but have not finished reading them yet. There must be around 30 or more such books which are occupying my bookmarks and not releasing them for new books.

Some of these books I started reading many many years ago but somehow did not finish them. But still I do not feel like removing that bookmark thinking that someday I will return to this book once again and this bookmark will remind me from where to start reading it. In some cases I have forgotten most of what I read in the book. Also, if I have not finished it in past 3-4 years then I must have hit some bottleneck while reading it and mostly I must have stopped liking it. But I always think that maybe next time when I pick it up, I will start to like it once again as same books can have different effect at different time

It is really not right to say that these books are un-finished. It is just that I have paused reading these ones and moved on to reading something else for the time being and one day I will surely return to these half-read books and recover my bookmarks from them. Till that time, I will have to keep on buying more bookmarks and keep on reading new books. One thing that surely happens is that if an un-finished book belongs to particular author then mostly I do not start reading another book by same author.



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2 responses to “Started But Not Finished…. Whether I Will Return To Them Or Not

  1. pkg

    I guess it tells a lot about reader as well as the book. I don’t mark them as junk because in the past I have been able to return to them after a long time and enjoy them a lot. Sometimes book and reader do not connect and we need to give them a time and revisit them later.


  2. kkps

    … tells a lot about you! I do not remember starting another book until one I started is either finished or ditched as JUNK …


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