“The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

This was a recommendation that I got from a friend and I am really glad that I got it. Normally, a self-help book is difficult to read in one stretch but I read this book almost continuously over a course of two days. That itself talks volumes about the way this book is written. The concepts of the book are not new but the way they are presented and the way author gets his readers to follow him in his explanation is amazing.

In short, the author is telling us about living in the “Now” moment and how that can transform our life. But to understand the concept and its effectiveness takes some serious reading and then serious transformation. Here is one author who challenges the basic idea of thinking, something that our mind keeps on doing in background. For a person like me, who has gone by the principle of “Thinking makes us human beings” it is difficult to comprehend what the author is trying to say and I was baffled in the beginning.

As you read more and start to understand his point, you can start seeing that there is no disconnect in the human power of thinking and power of now. It is just that we end up thinking about things that do not exist or will never happen instead of focussing our energy on what is present in the moment. Our ego plays with us and our thoughts make us feel happy or sad instead of the actual reality. In the past few months, after I have read this book, there have been many times when I have stopped myself from going into negative spiral of thinking by remembering about this book and it has helped me a lot to focus myself on the immediate needs.

I can’t say that I have understood it all or I am able to follow everything but there have been some good changes that I have been able to practice.



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3 responses to ““The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

  1. As a result of better comprehending your own wishes and needs you can make a better existence for yourself. That is where Tarot cards may help you.


  2. kkps

    A comment totally unrelated to this book – “NOW” reminds me of William Golding’s Scorpion God – a book of totally different genre – a puzzle to read – also shows you how small a book can be written (and how cryptic) …


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