Advaita Kala’s Chick Lit “Almost Single”

I was looking for books by contemporary Indian authors when I found that there is lot of new women authors coming up mostly writing their first or second book. At that time I also came across the word “Chick Lit” meaning books written mostly by young women addressing their issues in humorous way. I was tempted to pick it up to see the other side of stories and this was one of the first that I read. I realized why this is being referred to as a separate genre altogether. These books are quite different and address a very particular type of audience.

The book is a story of a single working women in a city and how she lives her life. She is a bundle of emotions and confusions. Wanting to do everything but at the same time not bold enough for everything. Independent but believes in chivalry from men. The book of course revolves around her search for finding the prince charming and what happens when she meets him but the story is well told with simple nuances. It is today’s book with very contemporary issues and style of writing.

It is a breezy little book that you read for a feel good factor. Since it is written from a women’s perspective, the feel of book is very different. It is not a great literature but a good time pass. It almost feels that author has taken scenes directly from her own or her friend’s life and this is how today’s society functions.

I wonder why most of these authors stop writing at one or two books. In some ways I find it a female version of books from authors like Anurag Mathur or Upamanyu Chatterjee.


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