Harry Potter’s Magic

Actually I think J K Rowling is a much bigger witch as compared to all the witches and wizards that she has put in her books. Her books have probably brought back the idea of parents reading story books to their kids like it used to be with our great grandparents. But her books are not meant only for kids. In my opinion they are the highest form of literature. The grand idea, the detailing, names, new words and a story that remains connected throughout the seven books.

I read her first book sometime in 2001 when the first movie was about to be released and I saw a lot of coverage in newspapers and media. Before that I had heard of the series and hype associated with it but somehow it could not interest me. I still thought of it as children’s book. But then I could not resist myself after hearing so much and bought the first book and I have been hooked to it ever since. I must have read all the books more than 10 times by now. Till now they have never failed to surprise me each time I read. I find something new, fascinating in these pages which I had not noticed before. It may be an emotion of character, meaning of a word or just play of words. It is a story that not only keeps you hooked till you get to the end and figure out the climax but it is also a story that you can read and enjoy even if you know the climax and end result.  I find that I sometimes enjoy it more when I know the end result.

I can probably write on and on about her books but I will write about them in many more posts but in this one I just want to mention about the particular concept of “Dementors”. The idea of dementors, their characterization, their effect on people is so realistic and lifelike that they do not look like fictitious characters at all. If we just replace “Dementor” with our internal demons or the impact that we have on us due to external disasters that happen around us, we see an uncanny resemblance. She does not stop here. The cure for dementors is chocolate which is known to give a boost to person when they feel depressed. How do you deal with dementors. By thinking very hard about the happiest memories that you had in life and lighting up your life with those memories. In one brilliant master stroke she has told us the cure for all the maniac depression that is engulfing the population around the world. This is what I consider a masterpiece.

I will probably come back to writing about Harry Potter again sometime in future. Till then, happy reading


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